Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

It’s the spookiest day of the year again and this time, as voted by our patrons, our grumpy little Raiko has dressed up as Heather Mason, the protagonist of Silent Hill 3! And of course, she is accompanied by none other than Pyramid Bat, wielding the Great Knife!

As always, the image has been added to our gallery and patrons can download a little zip-package right here. It contains a hi-res version of the picture, a “transparent” version without the background, featuring only Raiko (you even get a less dirty version of her), and finally, a special “Halo of the Sun“-version, which I made to use as a profile image on my personal Twitter:

Now please enjoy a really creepy yet super fun All Hallows’ Eve!
Until next time, take care :3

(PS: Here’s a little fun fact! Raiko’s white winter coat with the orange scarf has actually been inspired by Heather, which is why I really wanted to draw our little grump cosplaying her w)