Sep 28

Weekly Update #267: More Script Progress!

In last week’s blog post, I talked about the recent progress I’ve made on GENBA no Kizuna‘s script. After finishing Chapter I – Scene 09 (which continues the events of our extended demo and which patrons can fully read here),  I have focused on even more writing over this past week and also completed Chapter I – Scene 10.

Once again, if you’re a patron pledging for the 7$-tier, you can read the whole thing right now. It’s almost 2,000 words long.

As mentioned before, the entirety of the first chapter has been written for a very long time now (over a year, actually), but the last third of it is still in need of revisions. Moreover, working on the demo also made me realize that I need to add a few more things to it, that are important to the plot and mystery, which I have tweaked a little this summer. This resulted in the addition of three new scenes.

(Well, actually, I have taken three already existing scenes and rewritten them to the point that you can basically call them “new”.)

Scene 09 and Scene 10 are two of these three new scenes, meaning that only one is left now, which will be Scene 12.
“What about Scene 11 then? Is that already done?” …I hear you ask. Well, kinda sorta.

Like I said, everything is still in need of revisions, which means that I mostly need to fix typos/grammar and tweak little things here and there, like the phrasing, choice of words, and sometimes maybe even the structure of a dialogue exchange. Nothing major.

However! Scene 11 is actually the first “real” investigation segment. The lobby investigation at the beginning of the game really just serves as a tutorial, in order to introduce players to the gameplay elements. It doesn’t give you any plot/mystery-related puzzle pieces (well, with a few tiny exceptions maybe), but it does provide an opportunity to learn a bit more about Keiichi and Nobuhiko and how they tick. Which to me, is almost equally important.

Scene 11 is where the real deal starts. Keiichi has an opportunity to investigate Ryuunosuke‘s room, which provides a lot of very important details that pertain to the core of the mystery, as well as quite a bit of background information about our circle of suspects.

While all the important stuff has already been written, like the dialogue scenarios for Amber, there is still a lot left to be done, though. That’s because the writing is directly tied to the background art which I have to design based on what the player needs to find on it. For example, the main goal is to find Ryuunosuke‘s medication, so it must be hidden somewhere on the background.

There are some other things of interest, like a picture frame showing a younger Ryuu with is grandfather. For these kinds of items, I have already written the scenes that unfold when Keiichi examines them. However, it’s a big room, so there are other things you will be able to examine. They won’t really have much to do with the mystery and are just there for fun or to give more character insights.

Those, I can only write if I see the finished background in front of me, however. Because right now, I’m not even sure what it could be. Maybe I can place an interesting item somewhere on a shelf. That’s something that will just happen along the way, as I set the design of Ryuu‘s room in stone.

So yeah, that’s what I will be taking on this coming week. Designing Ryuunosuke‘s room and writing the investigation comments/ scenes. Not sure how long it’s going to take me, but I’m definitely going to provide some WIP-previews on Patreon.

Anyway, that’s it for today, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3