Jun 22

Weekly Update #253: Progress Update & Extended Demo Release Plans!

Alright, let’s jump right into this week’s progress update! First of all, Amber‘s sprite variations have now been colored by Natsu as well! I might make a public Patreon post with a sprite sheet, similar to how I did it for some of the other characters, but for now, I wanted to share at least one little preview of her.

Outside of that, Natsu also finished coding the next scene, so that leaves two more scenes before all the extended demo content has been fully implemented!

(Also, on the topic of Natsu, she’s kinda back in business with her personal projects too now, so be sure to check her Twitter for some recent updates and artwork, if you’re curious about what she’s up to outside of GENBA!)

As for me, I finally finished writing the DPA profiles for our suspects! It was a little bit of a struggle deciding which kind of info to put in there and which to keep to myself for now, and I also had some problems with some of the specifics, buuut… well, that could be its own blog post to be honest, so maybe I’ll talk about it in more detail at a later date. For now, all that matters is that the profiles are done! And since there are four in total, I decided to share at least one of them for preview purposes, so… here you go:Outside of that, I’ve been busy revising the script some more and fixing some little issues that only occurred to me during this past week, but that’s almost taken care of now, too! I kinda alternated between that and working on this year’s summer-themed character artwork, which is almost down now, too! Patrons can expect to see a preview tomorrow!

On the topic of Patreon, I have also published a little preview of the first CG scene in GENBA, so if you’re curious about that, you can check it out here.

Now, let’s talk about the release plans for our extended demo, which is long overdue (as always “orz).

My new part-time job, some personal issues, working on future plans involving a special someone, and the usual reasons like perfectionism and general slowness have dragged things out way more than I anticipated, but what else is new? w

Nevertheless, we are slowly moving towards the finish line. If we can’t manage to do it this month (although I’ll try my hardest to make it happen), patrons can definitely look forward to playing the extended demo early July. Either way, July will definitely be used for beta-testing and fixing potential issues before we will make the demo available to the public. Which also might happen in July unless I decide to hold off on that for a little longer.

We’ve been thinking about releasing the extended demo on the Steam store to hopefully garner some more attention (and with it feedback), and we’re planning to do that at the end of August, just in time for SHINRAI‘s release anniversary. So right now I’m not sure if we will only release the demo on Steam in August, but already make it available on itch.io and on our website earlier, or release everything at once. Guess I’ll have a little more time to make that decision, but I want to make it soon.

The Steam release will require some more preparation and work in general, as we need to design the store front, get the whole thing running on Steam, wait for Valve’s approval and so on and so forth. By the time of the Steam release, I also want to have our Discord channel up and running and our Patreon updated (since the description on the main page is slightly out-of-date now).

But yeah, that’s the current plan! No matter what happens, if you’re a patron, you can play the demo very soon and help us with the public release preparations, sooooo… if you haven’t pledged yet, please consider doing so, even if it’s just for the demo!

With that said, I’m gonna get back to work now and wish you to have an enjoyable remainder of your weekend!
Until next Saturday, take care! :3