May 04

Weekly Update #246: New Music Track & Profile Pics

Alright, time for a little progress summary for this week!

First of all, Solo has finished a new track for GENBA no Kizuna! Patrons can check out the full version here, but we have also provided a short preview on our Twitter and Instagram! With this, GENBA‘s OST currently sits at a total of 12 tracks:

(If you become a patron, you can get access to the full versions of all 12 tracks, plus 2 SHINRAI-related tracks, right away!)

As you can see, our soundtrack is growing slowly but surely, and it’s all thanks to our Patreon supporters! So a huge thanks to everyone who has pledged to us! It really means and helps a lot! Without your help, I couldn’t share this list today, haha.

On the topic of Patreon, I have also just published another post containing previews for the DPA profile pictures for Ryuunosuke, Shiku, Amber and Terano. You can check them out over here.

That’s one thing I’ve been busily working on over the past few days, but I have also made some more script progress, revising the next scene and getting it ready for proofreading. Next up, I will tackle the sprite variations for Amber and Shiku, both of which probably won’t need that many.

I guess that’s it in terms of progress. I’m running short on time for this blog post too, so sorry if it feels a little rushed “orz
Now please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3