Apr 06

Weekly Update #242: BG Progress

So, what have I been up to over this past week? Well, as the title already gave away… background art!

Right now, I’m busy working on the next BG for GENBA no Kizuna, which is going to give us a look at another part of the Kaseki Residence. Namely, one of the two exhibition rooms! As such, there is some interesting stuff to look at, from fossils to life-sized dinosaurs! Patrons can already get an early look at a number of WIP-previews, the latest one just posted today!

The first WIP-post also includes a little step-by-step explanation as to how I usually work on background art. But even non-patrons can learn a little bit about it, since I have now made last year’s WIP-posts for the Main Hall publicly viewable! They also contain a number of WIP-pics, along with quite some lengthy descriptions of my working process, so feel free to head on over and check them out, if you’ve been curious about the way I handle background art!

Those aren’t the only posts that are available to the public now, however! I have unlocked a couple more, like Himatsu’s sprite previews and even a look at Taiko’s WWH sprite update. For a full list of all the publicly available Patreon posts, you can check here.

Anyway, back to the exhibition room BG… it’s not finished yet, but I’m getting close, so I will continue working on it for the next few days, as well! I’m almost done adding all the details, so I can start coloring very soon. I also still need to tackle this month’s artwork, so I guess those two things will keep me occupied for a little while longer.

Let’s see how much progress I’ll be able to make before next Saturday! Until then, please have a good time and take care! :3