Mar 02

Weekly Update #237: The Artistic Ace

Alright, and here she is! The last of the four suspects in GENBA no Kizuna‘s murder case!

Once again, if you’d like to learn a little about her name and what kinda thoughts went into her design, you can check out this post over on Patreon. It’s publicly viewable, so you don’t even need to pledge in order to check it out!

There is also this blog post containing a tiny bit of background info about her. And if you’ve missed any of the others, you can check out their profiles pages here: Amber, Terano, Ryuunosuke.

Now, as for our progress update… I’ve spent the majority of my VNdev time this week working on GENBA‘s very first CG! It’s not yet finished, but I’ve made quite a good amount of progress on it. Patrons can now check out a preview of it here!

Outside of fixing some little things, the only major task left now is the backdrop. Since the CG scene takes place in the exhibition room, though, I will need to finish the exhibition room BG art first and set the overall design in stone. So I guess I’m going to work on that very soon. For now, however, it’s time to tackle this month’s White Day artwork!

Patrons can expect a preview, as well as a new poll, to show up soon!

Anyway, I guess that’s about it for today, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3