Jan 19

Weekly Update #231: Even More Sprite Progress!

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, I have continued working on the sprites for our four suspects characters over this past week.
Patrons can actually check out yet another early WIP-preview over here, this time for Shiku Jura, who has been featured in last year’s Jurassic June artwork.

With this, I have drawn all four of them. But that doesn’t mean I’m done just yet! Nope, there is still lots to do!

From this point forth, what I’ll be focusing on is “polish”. That means that I will spend the next week tweaking some more things.
You know, adding details to the sprites, fixing errors, adjusting proportions if necessary… stuff like that. One character is also missing a hat and I need to find a new color theme for another. Still, the hardest part lies behind me now, which was drawing these base sprites in the first place and setting the character designs in stone!

Some haven’t really changed compared to their initial design sketches, while others have gotten a complete makeover.

I want these sprites to look as good as I can possibly make them. After all, once they’re done, there is no going back. I mean, of course I could always change some details, or even redraw entire sprites from scratch if I feel dissatisfied with them somewhere down the line, buuuut… ideally, I won’t. Otherwise, this project will never get released.

So maybe that’s why the pressure is so high and it’s taking me so long. I don’t want to do this half-assed, just to be quicker.

Also, the base sprites are the most important ones. Once a base sprite is done, I just need to do variations, which are mostly limited to the facial expressions or positions and gestures of the arms/hands. The body itself rarely changes. So of course I want to get it right in terms of proportions or even the wrinkles on the clothes.

But yeah, we’re finally getting there! Once I’m done with the polishing process, it will be Natsu‘s turn to take care of the coloring and shading. And then, beginning in February, we will unveil the fully finished sprites publicly on Twitter. I really can’t wait to finally share the official introduction cards for these characters, so I hope you’re looking forward to seeing them just as much!

Anyway, I guess that’s about it for today, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3

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