Jan 12

Weekly Update #230: Suspect Sprite Progress

Okay, so for today, we’re just going to have a really quick update, since there isn’t really too much to report for this past week.
If you haven’t yet, however, you can check out our last two updates, which have been pretty elaborate:

The first one is a little retrospect, telling you about our achievements in 2018, while the other one focuses on our plans for 2019, and goes into quite a bit of detail as to what exactly we’re currently focusing on. Namely, the completion of our extended GENBA demo!

Now as for what exactly I’ve been up to over the last couple of days… I’ve been very busy with sprite art! Since the next scene in our demo will introduce our four suspect characters, I’ve been working on their sprites. Right now, patrons can already get an early WIP-look at Amber and Terano. A preview for Ryuunosuke has been posted some time ago as well!

Non-patrons can currently check out the initial design sketches for all four of them here, so you can get an idea what they will look like and learn a little bit of background info on their names and some of the design choices.

Also, speaking of Patreon, I kinda forgot to mention it last week, but a new poll has been published! Until the end of the month, you can vote on which character will be featured in our monthly artwork for February, once again themed around Valentine’s Day!

But yeah, I guess that’s about it. I will continue working on the sprites until all of them are done, so you can expect some more previews to show up soon! And with that said, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend! Until next Saturday, take care! :3