Sep 22

Weekly Update #214: Sprite Progress

In last week’s blog post, I was talking about the sprite variety in SHINRAI and GENBA as well as how I usually go about creating sprites and what kinds of considerations go into that. Over this past week, I put that to practice as I continued working on Shinketsu‘s and Rei‘s sprites for the extended demo. Patrons can even get a look at some previews of all the sprites over here!

Please keep in mind that only my part on the sprites is done. What’s still missing is for them to be properly colored by Natsu.
Once she has taken care of that, I will post some updated sprite sheets with the actual finished versions!

So, what’s up next? I still need to work some more on the Main Hall background, so I’m going to take care of that first. Then I will move on to the sprites for the second scene that will be included in the extended demo, introducing Himatsu and the Raptor Pack. And while I’ll be busy with that, Natsu will be able to work on the coding for the scene introducing Rei and Shinketsu.

Once the scene is coded, patrons can look forward to giving it an early try and once again helping us find and fix any issues as we prepare everything for the public release. That’s the current plan and there isn’t really much else to say in terms of updates.

Since I already got to the topic of coding, however, please let me direct your attention to something else before we come to a close: Kuna, developer of the visual novel Pitch Black Serenade, has written up a little 2-part tutorial for Ren’Py, introducing some nifty tricks and effects that can help in making a VN more visually appealing and impactful! So if you’re a VN dev yourself, I’d definitely suggest  heading over to her website and taking a look at it (Part I, Part II)!

There are actually a number of things in there which I’d like to utilize in GENBA, too!

(Also, she’s currently doing commissions to help finance development of her own project, so maybe check those out, too!)

Now, last but not least, there is one other person I’d like to introduce to you: Jax is a Twitch streamer who is currently playing and streaming our very own SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair! And she’s doing a really great and fun job at it, so keep an eye out for her schedule and drop by if you find the time! You can also watch the first two parts in her archive!

With that said, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend! Until next Saturday, take care! :3