Jul 14

Weekly Update #204: The Main Hall

Over the last few days, I have finally continued work on the background for the Main Hall of the Kaseki Residence, featured in GENBA no Kizuna. So today, I’d like to talk a little about it. But before that, let’s take a look at it first, shall we?

As you can probably tell from Himatsu‘s comment, it’s still a work-in-progress, even if it is very close to being finished now.

This is the state of the Main Hall before the incident occurred, mind you. In other words, when Keiichi enters it for the first time (right after the events of our demo), it will look a little different. As I don’t want to publicly share any details on the actual case just yet, I’ve decided to post this version instead. Players will get a picture of the “original state” of the Main Hall during the investigation, which will be added to the evidence. Because only by comparing “before” and “after” will you be able to get closer to the truth.

What probably captures the attention first is the life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex animatronic right in the center. I guess you might already be able to tell that it is not just going to be simple background decoration, but that it will actually play into the case somehow. Of course, I’m not going to say how exactly. That you will have to find out in the game yourself!

Anyway, the details that are still missing mostly relate to the actual case, so it’s difficult to talk about them. It’s really just a bunch of small things, though. Nevertheless, I will need to continue with the script a little and delve deeper into the actual investigation before I can be 100% certain as to what exactly to do with them. So I guess until then, this background will remain a WIP.

Speaking of the script, however, I have actually continued working on that as well. I ended up changing the corpse discovery scene quite a bit, but I will talk about the reasons behind that some other time.

I’m also still working on the script for Withering Without Hope. Recent reviews have provided some useful insight and feedback and so I have decided to make some more changes to how the beginning of the first chapter plays out. I’m still planning to give patrons an early look at it soon, though.

On the topic of WWH and Patreon, you can now check out another new design sketch for another new character appearing in it!
I have also provided a little list of not only the new but also the recurring characters in the posting.

I think that’s about all for today. Except for one last thing I want to share with you:

We have received yet another amazing addition to our ever-growing art gallery, once again commissioned by Xolf and this time drawn by Cyome! Just look at this chibi Kamen! Isn’t she super adorable?

Be sure to check out Cyome’s Instagram account for even more cute artwork!

With this, I conclude today’s blog post! Please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3