Jun 09

Weekly Update #199: GENBA no Kizuna’s Soundtrack

If you’ve kept an eye on our Twitter or YouTube channel recently, you might have already noticed, but we have finally uploaded another little video, previewing some BGM tracks for GENBA no Kizuna, composed by none other than Solo Acapello! And if you support us on Patreon, you can even download the full versions of the tracks, as well as the ones used in our demo, right here!

That’s a lot of links for just two sentences, but… with that out of the way, let’s talk a little more about the music today!

So far, the tracklist looks as follows:

00. Welcome To The Mesozoic
01. Wandering Through A Time Long Past
02. An Investigation 65 Million Years Ago
03. Pondering A Prehistoric Puzzle
04. A Doctor With A Love For The Strange
05. On The Trail Of A Vicious Predator

It’s still difficult to tell how many more tracks we will need, but there are definitely a lot more to come. Still, these six should already be enough to give you an idea as to what the overall soundtrack will be like. If you’ve listened to the music so far, you will probably have noticed that the main idea behind it was Ace Attorney in the jungle. With a similar game, it’s difficult not to immediately look at the Ace Attorney series for musical inspiration. It definitely has become a kind of landmark in regards to what kinds of melodies to expect during crime scene investigations and the like. At least to me.

I really love the music in Ace Attorney and wanted to go into a similar direction but, due to the setting of our game, give it a kind of jungle/prehistoric twist. Of course, some other, similar games serve as musical inspiration too, such as Danganronpa or the Zero Escape series. In the end, we do still want this soundtrack to have its own identity though, and not seem like a copy, and I think Solo has done a really good job at achieving this so far with his personal style.

I’m really looking forward to hearing future tracks myself.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that, for the most part, all the tracks we have so far do kind of have a jungle vibe to them. The only real exception to that is track 04, which is Shinketsu‘s character theme. However, we naturally want some variety, so there will be a lot more tracks not incorporating a jungle thematic. The next one in the works will be another character theme, for example, this time for Himatsu. It’s going to be somewhat different in style and the most cheerful track so far. If you’re a patron, you can look forward to taking a listen to it soon!

And speaking of patrons, I would once again like to use the opportunity to thank everyone who’s supporting us. It’s really only thanks to you that we are able to hire a composer for this soundtrack. It would be rather difficult otherwise. So really, thank you so much!

I’m curious to see the completed tracklist myself, but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say it will probably feature as many tracks as SHINRAI. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But anyway… so far, I’m really happy with the way things turn out and I do think that Solo has captured that prehistoric jungle vibe quite well.

Now, in other news, I have also posted the next part of the script for GENBA on Patreon today. It focuses on the introduction of our four suspect characters, which we plan to finally reveal publicly as well this month. One of them is even going to be featured in our special Jurassic June artwork, so please look forward to that!

There isn’t too much else to say for today, but keep an eye on Twitter for more stuff being revealed very soon!
Until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, take care! :3