May 27

Weekly Update #197: Almost Jurassic June!

Alright, so today we will have one last super short blog post before it’s finally time to say a little more next week, when Jurassic June will have officially begun! I can’t wait to finally reveal and share what I’ve been working on throughout May. If you want to have a little taste of it, you can check out the last two blog postings for some little teasers, or take a look over on our Patreon where I have posted and said a little more. I’ll probably upload another teaser very soon (most likely tomorrow).

Speaking of Patreon, you can also get a first WIP look at the May artwork by Natsu now, and you can also listen to another new BGM from GENBA no Kizuna‘s soundtrack, once again composed by Solo Acapello!

Unfortunately, there really isn’t much else to say. We’re one week away from Jurassic June, so I’d like to ask for a little more patience. I’m very excited about next month for a variety of reasons and I hope you’re looking forward to it as well!

With that said, it’s already time to come to a close! Please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3