Apr 02

GENBA no Kizuna Demo Release & SHINRAI Sale

The day has finally come! After a lot more testing and fixing some more issues with the help of those supporting us on Patreon, we are happy to announce that the first demo for our newest murder mystery GENBA no Kizuna is now available to the public, as well!

The GENBA page has been updated one more time, now featuring the download link as well as a few words on the demo.
To save you that extra click, however, I’ve decided to just quickly copy and paste everything down below:

The demo contains the prologue as well as the tutorial investigation and amounts to approximately 7000 words (notebook entries and all investigation comments included). Its main purpose is to give players an idea of the feel and direction of our newest project and to hopefully gather some helpful feedback in the process.

If you decide to check it out, please consider sharing your impressions! We are naturally open to suggestions, as well!
You can reach us through any of our social media accounts or by sending an e-mail at gospel@gosatsu.com!

There isn’t really much more to say than that. The demo already ends after the tutorial investigation, so make sure to make the most out of it! Hopefully, you will enjoy it!

In other news, SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair is once again on sale during Steam’s Weeklong Deal! So if the GENBA demo gets you curious as to what a fully released murder mystery by us is like, now might be a good chance to try it out! If you’re still not sure whether or not SHINRAI might be to your liking, you can check out our Steam Reviews to get some player impressions!

Buy the game here: