Feb 10

Weekly Update #182: Demo Release Preparations

Alright, today I’m just going to make a really quick update as there is nothing too big to report on. I’m currently focusing on getting the Valentine’s artwork done and, if you’re a patron, you can already get an early WIP-look over here.

I have also just opened the poll for the White Day artwork. It will last until the end of the month so make sure to vote!
Not everyone did in our last poll and it ended in a draw, so yeah…

I’m also still working on a special Patreon-only blog post about our past/unreleased projects, which I hope to be posting soon.
It’s actually getting a lot bigger than I expected, so I’m most likely going to slice it up into multiple entries.

As for our GENBA no Kizuna demo, I’m just waiting for Natsu to finish the coding, so I’ll hopefully be able to post the updated version for patrons very soon. There are still a couple of things I have to take care of myself, though. For example, I’ve been thinking about a “proper ending” for the demo. You’ll see what I mean by that when you get to play it, but I don’t just want it to fade to black after the last scene and then it sends you back to the title screen.

As for the public release, it naturally depends on the Patreon feedback we will receive and whether or not there are going to be any big issues, but right now, I’m positive that we can release it at the end of the month. I was hoping to do so sooner, but once again, I misjudged the amount of work waiting for us. There’s a bit more involved in all of this than simply finishing and releasing the demo.

Since this is the first in-depth look at our new project, something people can actually play (as opposed to simply reading about everything on our blog), we want to use this chance to gain attention, of course. Therefore, I also have to prepare forum posts and an update to our website. Now that we can officially release something in regards to GENBA, it’s really about time to update the respective page.

So yeah, that’s the kinda stuff I’m currently dealing with and I want to get right back to it.
So please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3