Jan 14

Weekly Update #178: Demo Progress

Today, I’m just going to make a quick progress update. If you want to know more about our general plans for January, you can check out last week’s blog post which even features some early screenshots for GENBA no Kizuna!

Speaking of which, we’re naturally still hard at work on that demo. I’ve sent over all the assets to Natsu last week, so it’s really just up to her now to finish the coding aspect of the whole thing. Once she’s done, we will upload a first, early demo version for patrons.

Of course, there are still quite a few minor details that need to be taken care of. Nothing big that’s absolutely essential to even play the demo, but things I want to get done for the public demo release nonetheless. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d like the demo to feel as close to the finished product as possible.

Some of these touch-ups include various expressions for Kira and Toru, for example. Just like the bat in SHINRAI, I want the two of them to react alongside the characters. So if Keiichi is surprised or even shocked by something, Kira and Toru will react accordingly. That’s not all, however. Just like with everything else, I’d like to take this one step further. What exactly I mean by that is something you will have to find out by playing the demo, though!

But yeah, stuff like this is just some additional fooling around. It’s not an essential part of the game but rather a little side gimmick. One I think is fun, however, which is why I wanna do it, haha.

Another aspect that could fall into this category of “things that aren’t strictly necessary to do” is the sound design. At least partly. What I mean by that is that there are quite a few sounds we could easily re-use from SHINRAI. However, I’d like to see if we can’t improve their quality as well, which is why I’ve talked to our composer about it a few days ago and he’s going to tackle that task next.

I’ve also worked a lot on the prologue for Withering Without Hope again and have the writing more or less finished now. I could theoretically upload it to Patreon, but I do want to touch it up a little more before actually doing so. There are a few parts where I think I can definitely do better when it comes to things like phrasing, choice of words, or even sentence structure.

As for Patreon, patrons can now vote for who will be featured in next month’s Valentine’s artwork! You have until the 31st to vote, so make sure to do so! You can also check out another post now, featuring the last (two?) suspect(s?) for GENBA’s murder case!
If you wanna see the design sketch, learn a little about the name(s?) of the character(s?) and find out how falconry plays into the story, you can do so here!

Guess I’ll leave it at that and hope you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your weekend! Until next Saturday, take care :3

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