Dec 24

Weekly Update #175: Writing WWH

Alright, today’s blog post is going to be a little shorter as it’s already pretty late and I’m still busy with a lot of things.
It’s Christmas tomorrow, after all!

Speaking of which, if you support us on Patreon, you can already check out the finished Christmas artwork.
I will post it here and on Twitter tomorrow, but patrons can also download the picture in higher resolution as well as a version of the featured character with a transparent background.

Another thing I have posted on Patreon today is the first half of the script for the prologue of Withering Without Hope.
That (along with the Christmas picture) is what I’ve been mostly busy with over the past week.

Since WWH takes place on the 23rd, I really wanted to post it on this very day. I will probably make a few more revisions so it’s by no means a “final version”, but it’s also not as though I’m going to make any drastic changes to it from here on out. Maybe tweak the phrasing a little here and there, switch out a couple of words, or even add or delete a few sentences.

Writing the prologue sure was challenging. As mentioned before, I want WWH to work as its own self-contained story. I want everyone to be able to enjoy it whether they have read Broken Beyond Despair or not. Because of that, it gets a little difficult with the introduction, though. On the one hand, I don’t want to bore players who have already experienced BBD. They already know who these characters are and what they are like. But at the same time, I also need to introduce them to a completely new audience.

Writing therefore becomes this kind of struggle between not repeating too much, but also saying what’s essential/necessary for new players to know. And then there is the fact that I naturally cannot have the characters act as though the events in BBD never took place. Eventually, they need to be addressed, but I also want to do that in a way where I don’t spoil too much. You know, in case someone enjoys WWH so much, they decide to go back and experience BBD as well. So I must find a balance here, too. A balance between bringing up important events of the past without getting too specific, so that I can retain the surprises of the previous game.

That’s the main reason why I still need some more time to work on the second half of the prologue.
Otherwise, I would have already posted that as well.

That said, as difficult and problematic as it can be, I still very much enjoy writing all of this. I love my characters and it’s a lot of fun to get inside their heads and try to figure out how they might think, act and what they might say in any given situation. So, I definitely want to continue writing more for WWH over the next few weeks, even if GENBA no Kizuna is still our main priority.

Anyway, I gotta get back to work now, so that’s all for today. Next Saturday will be very close to the beginning of a new year, so I’m not sure yet if I’ll postpone the update until the 1st, or just do the “2017 Retrospect” on the 30th. I guess I’ll let you know through Twitter.

Either way, please enjoy the holidays and, until next week (or tomorrow for a quick Christmas posting), take care :3

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