Nov 19

Weekly Update #170: Sprite Expressions

It’s a bit late already, so I guess I’m going to keep today’s blog post a little shorter.
In exchange, however, I do have some WIP-stuff to show you today!

This past week, I’ve been mostly working on the first background for GENBA no Kizuna again. I still needed to finish the walls and properly color everything, which took quite a bit longer than expected. Especially due to all the plants. I don’t even want to know how many individual leaves I must have shaded in the process, haha.

Patrons should know what I’m talking about as I posted a WIP-look at the background on our Patreon a while ago.
However, since it’s almost done now, I’ll probably post it here or on our Twitter some time soon as well.
Maybe you’ll even get a look at it in the form of an actual in-game screenshot!

Anyway, I’ve also continued work on the sprites. There’s still a little more work left to be done (like fixing some details and, of course, Natsu has to properly color them as well). However, since I’ve promised some sprite previews in last week’s blog post, I thought I’ll at least give you a look at a couple of Keiichi’s and Nobuhiko’s expressions:

Like I said last time, whereas Nobuhiko’s expressions are a bit more serious, some of Keiichi’s lie more on the comical side.
The two of them will have a lot of fun together, believe me, ahahah.

But yeah, as mentioned in the beginning, I’m keeping this short since it’s already late. This week, I’ll hopefully finish up the sprites and take care of the sound effects. And I guess next Saturday, it’ll be time to talk a little more in-depth about our demo.

Also, if you’re a patron, keep an eye out for Patreon tomorrow!
I’ll be uploading the second BGM track which was just finished a couple of days ago!

But with that said… please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3