Oct 08

Weekly Update #164: Art Polls & Background Progress

Alrighty, I won’t be spending too much time on this again, but before we get to anything else, let me once again direct you to our newly launched Patreon page. If you haven’t already, please consider checking it out!

Right now, you can find two Patreon-only postings there containing artwork and information about two new characters from our next visual novel project GENBA no Kizuna (neither of them has been revealed publicly yet and one of them definitely won’t be this year).

Furthermore, if you’re a patron, you might also want to keep an eye out for our next art poll. It will go up some time tomorrow and run until the end of the month, giving you a chance to decide which character will be featured in the November artwork!

But yeah, the first poll has already ended and, although it was a rather close call, one of the five given options (as to who should be featured on this year’s Halloween artwork) has ultimately won. I won’t be revealing the result publicly, but I’m certainly looking forward to drawing it, haha. I’ll begin work on it really soon, most likely this coming week. And just as mentioned in our reward tiers, I will post WIP-updates of it for our patrons.

Before I will actually start working on the Halloween artwork, however, I will continue finishing the first background for GENBA. That’s what the majority of my time has been going into this past week. It’s a little more elaborate than I anticipated, but it should be ready for shading in about two more days, I think. There are a lot of details on there, which took quite a lot of time to draw… but so far, I’m rather satisfied with how it’s turning out.

It’s the very first environment you will get to see in the game and I really want it to set the right mood. When you see it, you will get a good idea of how exactly that “dinosaur theme” is going to play into the location of this game. I’m really excited to share it. Patrons will get an early WIP-look at it soon, but of course, I will also post it publicly once it’s fully finished.

Outside of that, I’ve also been doing a bit of writing again. Playing Danganronpa V3 really got me into the perfect mood, so I naturally had to make use of that, haha.

Anyway, there isn’t really too much else to say, so I guess I’ll wrap this up right here and get back to work.
Please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3