Aug 12

Weekly Update #156: Character “Routes”

Today’s posting is going to be a little shorter. Over this past week, I did some more writing for GENBA no Kizuna, finally finishing the introduction scene for the second Investigation Phase and sending it over to Natsu, so that she could give me her impressions on it. I was able to hear her thoughts on the more extensive additions I have made to the first phase as well, and am once again quite happy with what she had to say.

I honestly can’t wait to continue writing as I will fully delve into the investigation next. I just have to decide whose scenario I’m going to write first. Keiichi’s? Shinketsu’s? Rei’s? Or Himatsu’s? It’s a tough choice, as I truly think that all of them will be equally interesting and entertaining.

The way this is going to work is that you can choose whose “route” you want to complete first. After picking one of the four characters mentioned above, you will then experience the story from their point of view as they do their respective job at the crime scene. So if you choose Rei, you will go around looking for clues and evidence. If you choose Himatsu, you will interview the witnesses. If you choose Shinketsu, you can examine the body, etc.

In order to advance the investigation to the next phase, you will need to complete all four character routes, however. It’s simply up to you in which order you want to tackle them.

Later on, once the investigation has reached a certain stage, you will actually be able to switch back and forth between these four characters. But the details of the gameplay and character switching shall be a topic for another time.

There is one other thing I’ve been working on over this past week, which the majority of my time went into, actually. Im not going to say much about it yet, but you’ll be able to see the results of it on the 14th. I’ll make another post then, which is why I was even considering not to post anything today, but I don’t know… would have felt kinda bad about postponing the update by two days, so here you go, haha.

Anyway! “Why the 14th?”, you may wonder. Well, it’s a special day in two regards. One of which you might be able to easily figure out, since it kinda has something to do with one of SHINRAI’s characters. The other, for me even more important reason, is something I’ll be talking about then, during that posting. But there’s still a bit more work I have to finish for that, so until then…

Please enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care! :3