Jul 09

Weekly Update #151: GENBA no Kizuna’s Structure

Originally, I wanted to do a little GENBA no Kizuna summary for today, compiling all the information we have unveiled over the past month into one informative post. Due to the recent summer sale, we have gotten quite a few new players after all. And they might be curious to learn more about our next project without having to read through a month worth of posts, haha.

However, I think I’m going to hold off on that summary a little longer and instead talk about our current progress and what I’ve been up to this past week.

With all the other stuff for Jurassic June and the summer sale out of the way, I have finally begun to really focus on the writing for GENBA. If you’re following my personal Twitter account, you might have even seen me tweet about it.

Just a couple of minutes ago, right before starting this posting, I actually finished the prologue. I will most likely have to make a few more tiny revisions here and there, but for now, I’m very satisfied with it.

The prologue amounts to approximately 2000 words, making it about half as long as the one for SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair.

It’s really just supposed to be a quick introduction scene, giving you the gist of what’s going on, before throwing you right into the investigation. But that’s the whole point of GENBA: to create a shorter, slightly more fast-paced murder mystery, that focuses a lot more on interactivity.

One of the ways I’m trying to achieve this is by changing the writing style a little, as you might have already realized from the dialogue sample in last week’s blog post. There isn’t going to be screens upon screens of narration this time around. Instead, the story will be told mostly through dialogue and inner monologue.

The actual sequel to SHINRAI (Withering Without Hope), will still be written in the same style as the original, but GENBA is more of a spin-off and so I’ve decided to try a few different things with it.

I have already begun writing the first investigation phase as well, and am about halfway done with it. Due to the structure of the story, it was a little difficult to divide it into chapters in the same manner as I did with SHINRAI. So instead, GENBA will be spliced into investigation phases. The first one is the preparation phase during which you will move around the crime scene, get to meet the characters, and learn the basics of the case. The second phase will be where the actual investigation starts.

Aside from the above, I have also begun writing the notebook entries, which will once again provide you with additional info about the characters and some more background knowledge in regards to the world GENBA takes place in.

From here on out, I will mostly concentrate on the writing, as I’d like to finally get the entire story written down, which will in turn give me a better understanding of its scope and the amount of assets we will need (I’ll still keep working on the sprites and others things too, of course, it’s just that the focus will be on the writing for now).

So yeah, overall, I am satisfied with what I have accomplished this week and I’d really like to get back to work right now, so…
Please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3

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