Aug 08

Weekly Update #312: SHINRAI Music Update

So, over the last few days, we’ve mainly focused on fixing all the sound-related issues with SHINRAI. Solo has been very diligent fixing the BGM loops to make them seamless, something which I was pretty much incapable of doing back in the day… orz

However, fixing the loop times isn’t even the biggest news in regards to the soundtrack! As it turns out, there was actually some unused music collecting digital dust in my dad’s folders, which even I wasn’t aware of, since he never told me about them! They were some of his initial ideas which were later replaced with others. We just kinda stumbled across them again, while accessing the original sound files to work on the loop times.

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Aug 01

Weekly Update #311: More SHINRAI Update Progress

Work on the update for SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair continues, but we’re slowly wrapping things up now!
If you check out the character profiles on the page linked above, you’ll see that they’ve already been replaced with the updated ones.
Naturally, they’ve been implemented into the game as well, just like all the script adjustments.

Well, almost all of them. During the last couple of days, I’ve been revising some of the unlockable extra scenes.
Not just to accommodate for what’s going to occur in GENBA no Kizuna and Withering Without Hope, but also because there were actually some general logic issues in there, that somehow escaped my grasp back in the day. Probably a result of the fact that the extra scenes were a very late addition and therefore kinda rushed…

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Jul 25

Weekly Update #310: SHINRAI Update Progress

I’ve already talked about the changes and fixes regarding the script, so today, I’d like to talk a bit more about some of the others things that will get adjusted in our little update for SHINRAI.

For one, there is the sound. Several tracks inside the game don’t loop properly, for instance, which is something we’ll fix with the help of our new composer Solo Acapello. There are also long periods of awkward silence, though, with no background music playing at all, so I’ve been thinking about what to do in those kinds of instances.

One possibility would be to add actual music, but back in the day, I specifically decided against that, because I wanted to have a moment of quiet. So, right now, I actually lean more towards the other solution, which we have already applied in GENBA no Kizuna to avoid the same problem: using ambience noises.

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Jul 18

Weekly Update #309: BBD Update & WWH Evolution

As you might already know by now, we are currently working on a little update for SHINRAI, scheduled to be released for its 4th anniversary on August 26. As part of this update, I’ve gone through the entire script of the game again, in order to make some slight adjustments. Outside of fixing some typos and editing/restructuring sentences or entire paragraphs for better readability, I’ve also made some additions and changes here and there with SHINRAI‘s sequel in mind, titled Withering Without Hope.

SHINRAI was originally written in September of 2011, so in a sense, it’s almost nine years old now! Shortly after the story was conceived, I already began to gather ideas for its continuation, so when we decided to turn SHINRAI into a visual novel in 2013, I decided to handle some things differently compared to the original, and add a few things to set up the sequel.

However, since its official release in 2016, almost four more years have gone by. And naturally, I had many new ideas during this time, meaning that the story for WWH has further evolved.

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Jul 11

Weekly Update #308: SHINRAI Script Update

As you can see, I’ve spent quite a lot of time going through SHINRAI over the past two weeks and by now, I have more or less finished taking a thorough look at the script. In the end, I discovered a couple of typos and a bunch of cases of “this sentence is way too long and could express the exact same things with better structure and a lot less words“.

There were also some weird instances left in which the “progress text”-arrow was kinda randomly stuck inside of the text…

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Jul 04

Weekly Update #307: Updating SHINRAI

A new month has started and, just as mentioned in our last blog post, it will be another very busy one!

SHINRAI will celebrate its 4th anniversary on the 26th of August and we’re working on an update for the occasion. At the moment, I’m going through the game to make adjustments to the script, for instance. One of the biggest criticisms has always been the fact that the pacing during the first two chapters is very slow and discouraging. We’ve received many comments of players saying that they considered quitting, but were ultimately glad they didn’t, because from chapter 3 onward, they got really sucked into the mystery.

In some cases, however, players did give up before getting to the first murder and this is rather sad to hear…

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Jun 30

Jurassic June 2020

It’s the final day of Jurassic June, so to bring it to a proper prehistoric close, here are Ryuunosuke and our two raptor siblings Kira and Toru. The image has been added to our gallery and patrons can download a hi-res version here.

Jun 27

Weekly Update #306: Plans For July

Let’s start this week’s posting off with some general news!

First of all, in case you haven’t seen it yet, the summer sale has started, meaning that you’ll get another chance to grab SHINRAI (along with its complete OST) for 50% off! Be sure to check out the corresponding announcement post for more info!

Next up, we have two new Patreon posts available. One of them is a general info post for patrons, talking about the incoming sales tax changes that will be applied to some pledges, starting from July. It also contains some detailed information regarding what’s been going on behind the scenes during the last few months and what exactly we’re up to in regards to SHINRAI.

The other post contains the final version of our Jurassic June artwork. We will post it publicly on the 30th, as a Jurassic conclusion to this month, but patrons also get access to a hi-res version and one without background/text (so only the featured character).

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Jun 25

Summer Sale 2020

Summer is back and with it Steam‘s annual Summer Sale! And if murder investigation counts among your favorite summer activities, we have some good news for you!

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Jun 20

Weekly Update #305: Chapter 5 Structure & Progress

I’ve finally reached the end of GENBA no Kizuna. Just like SHINRAI‘s final chapter, the last one in GENBA unravels all the mysteries. By answering questions and presenting evidence, players slowly piece together what exactly occurred at the Kaseki Residence. And, of course, they will ultimately have to expose the killer.

Unlike with SHINRAI, this time I decided to properly build up to the culprit reveal. So rather than expose them right at the start, you will have to dissect some other aspects of the overall mystery first. Around the halfway mark, you will then be able to choose between the four members of Raptor Pack Productions and accuse one of them as being the culprit, before moving on to prove it (and if you pick the wrong person, it will naturally lead to a bad end similar to what we did in SHINRAI).

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