Jun 15

Weekly Update #252: Sprite Previews & New Art Poll

Time for another progress update! And we’ve actually made quite a bit of progress over the course of this week!

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Jun 08

Weekly Update #251: Timeline, Sprite & Gallery Updates

Alrighty, we’re now one week into Jurassic June and I’m more fired up than usual to make some progress! So what have I been working on over the last seven days? For the most part, I’ve started to focus on sprite art again! All of Ryuunosuke‘s sprite variations are now officially done and if you’re a patron, you can get a look at one of them here.

I had actually posted this one before, but made some changes to it, so it’s actually more of an update of a previous preview. But it’s the final update, so I can move on to the next character: Shiku! Although I still need to touch up Amber‘s sprites a tiny bit, Shiku is the only one left now with no variations at all. Therefore, I’ll be mainly focusing on her next.

The end of all this asset work is finally drawing near…!

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Jun 01

Weekly Update #250: GUI Updates, Rai(kyou)ko & Jurassic June

As you can see above, we’re preparing everything for the arrival of the Raptor Pack in GENBA no Kizuna! Our four murder suspects will soon be added to the game, which means that we need to add a bunch of new stuff like their profiles, too!

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May 25

Weekly Update #249: Quick Progress Update

So today, we’re once again having just a really quick update, since I’m not having too much time on my hands right now. Which is fine I guess, as there isn’t all that much of interest to report, anyway.

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, I’m currently not able to work that much on GENBA, which is why I have decided to take care of some of the smaller things, mostly related to the GUI. Earlier, I finished creating all the name tags for the textboxes, for example:

I’m going to keep tackling similar stuff over the course of next week too, before I will finally get back to sprite work.

In other news, patrons can now get a couple of WIP-glimpses at how this month’s artwork (drawn by Natsu) is coming along. You can check them out here and here. This time, it’s Danganronpa-themed and I really like how it’s turning out myself!

Anyway, that’s really all I can share at the moment. Next Saturday, however, will be the start of Jurassic June, for which we have some bigger plans, so please look forward to that! But until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, as always, take care! :3

May 18

Weekly Update #248: Ryuunosuke Sprite Progress

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, I’ve focused on Ryuunosuke‘s sprite variations, now that Amber and Terano are done.

Ryuunosuke‘s sprites are kinda special in that they can be considered somewhat “spoilery”. It’s difficult to explain, but I think it’d be better for players to see his sprites while playing the actual game, which is why I won’t really be able to share a lot of preview images of him. Nevertheless, I have uploaded one new sprite variation for patrons at least, which can be viewed here.

With this, Ryuunosuke‘s sprites are almost done as well. They just need some little fixes, so that only leaves Shiku now.

It will probably be about two weeks before I’ll tackle hers, though. Until they first days of June, I probably won’t be able to focus too much on work-intensive stuff like sprite art, so I’ll shift my focus to a few smaller things instead: proofreading, menu stuff, DPA entries… stuff like that. Then, during the first week of June, I’ll take care of Shiku and finish up all the sprites overall.

Anyway, I guess that’s already it. There sadly isn’t much else to report, as I’ve been mostly focused on Ryuu during this past week.
So this will have to end as another really short update!

Now, as always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3

May 11

Weekly Update #247: Amber Sprite Progress

Since I’m kinda short on time, we’ll just have another, rather quick progress update today!

As you can already tell by the title, I’ve been working on Amber‘s sprite variations and have basically completed all of them, too.
She really doesn’t need that many for her first appearance, anyway. Nevertheless, it took me a while to narrow it done to what exactly I want her expressions and poses to look like. If you’re a patron, you can already check out some freshly posted previews here.

Originally, I was going to tackle Shiku next, but I guess I’m gonna go with Ryuunosuke first. He might require the least amount of variations out of the four, but those few that are needed are rather elaborate pose changes. So, in the end, it will actually take more time to get his done than Shiku’s, and I guess I’d rather finish on a more relaxing note, haha.

Anyway! Since I already brought up Patreon, you can also now start voting on who will be featured in our beach-themed June artwork!

I guess those are the most important announcements for this week. So what else is there to report? Well, I’ve made some more very satisfying progress on the script, which right now is really just all about polish. I had a lot of fun working on it and I really can’t wait to see what players will think about the Raptor Pack w

Meanwhile, Natsu has made some progress on coloring the first CG and its variations, showing me a preview last night. I guess patrons can look forward to seeing the final version very soon, too!

But yeah, guess that about wraps it up for today, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3

May 04

Weekly Update #246: New Music Track & Profile Pics

Alright, time for a little progress summary for this week!

First of all, Solo has finished a new track for GENBA no Kizuna! Patrons can check out the full version here, but we have also provided a short preview on our Twitter and Instagram! With this, GENBA‘s OST currently sits at a total of 12 tracks:

(If you become a patron, you can get access to the full versions of all 12 tracks, plus 2 SHINRAI-related tracks, right away!)

As you can see, our soundtrack is growing slowly but surely, and it’s all thanks to our Patreon supporters! So a huge thanks to everyone who has pledged to us! It really means and helps a lot! Without your help, I couldn’t share this list today, haha.

On the topic of Patreon, I have also just published another post containing previews for the DPA profile pictures for Ryuunosuke, Shiku, Amber and Terano. You can check them out over here.

That’s one thing I’ve been busily working on over the past few days, but I have also made some more script progress, revising the next scene and getting it ready for proofreading. Next up, I will tackle the sprite variations for Amber and Shiku, both of which probably won’t need that many.

I guess that’s it in terms of progress. I’m running short on time for this blog post too, so sorry if it feels a little rushed “orz
Now please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3

Apr 27

Weekly Update #245: General Progress Update

There’s a progress update up ahead!!

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Apr 21

Happy Easter 2019!

As you can clearly tell, this year’s May artwork is Easter-themed and, as voted by our patrons, Taiko ended up being the victim featured character this time! He looks kinda embarrassed, though. Is it because of the hoodie? Hmm, the colors look somewhat familiar. I wonder if a certain someone is behind this…

Maybe Taiko and Raiko have even more in common than we thought!

Anyway, if you’re a patron, you can download a higher resolution version of the artwork here. There is also a transparent version included with no background at all. You know, in case you want to plaster Taiko onto something else w

As always, the image has also been added to our gallery. Now with all that said and done… Happy Easter, everyone!

(Vector egg illustration credit: Vecteezy)

Apr 20

Weekly Update #244: BG Progress & Monthly Art

Alrighty, today, we’ll just have a really quick update!

Originally, I wanted to give you a look at the finished Exhibition Room background, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to 100% finish it today. There really isn’t that much left now, though. I just have to finish shading the Utahraptor (it’s 30% done), maybe fix the trees that can be seen through the windows and, finally, add some more light reflections on the glassy surfaces.

Outside of those things, it’s done and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out, so I can’t wait to share it!
Patrons will get a look this coming week and I guess I’ll post it publicly next Saturday.

You should still keep an eye on our Twitter tomorrow, however, as I’m going to share something else: our monthly artwork for May!
If you’re a patron, you can already check it out over here and, as always, download a hi-res version of it.

Speaking of Patreon artworks, the poll for next month’s is live now, too! So, if you want to have a say in which SHINRAI character is going to cosplay as a character from Danganronpa, head over ASAP and cast your vote! The poll will be open until the 1st of May!

That’s more or less it in regards to this week’s news. I was mostly busy with the background and our monthly artwork, but starting from next week, I can finally tackle some new tasks again! Guess I’ll tell you more about that in our next weekly update, so until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care! :3

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