Nov 19

Weekly Update #170: Sprite Expressions

It’s a bit late already, so I guess I’m going to keep today’s blog post a little shorter.
In exchange, however, I do have some WIP-stuff to show you today!

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Nov 12

Weekly Update #169: Sprite Variations

Over this past week, I have mostly worked on Keiichi’s and Nobuhiko’s sprites for the prologue. A lot of them are done now, but there’s still a little bit of work left to do. I guess you can expect to see some sprite previews next Saturday, or maybe even over the course of the coming week on our Twitter. So you might want to keep an eye on that!

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Nov 04

Weekly Update #168: Dinovember

October has ended and Halloween sadly lies past us now. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, so I’m definitely going to miss it. However, one good thing about the end of October is the beginning of November, also known to some as… Dinovember.

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Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

So, here it is: this year’s Halloween artwork featuring Nobara getting haunted by Reiko, as voted by our patrons!

If you’re supporting us on Patreon, you can also get a look at an alternate version of this picture, download them in higher resolution and check out the initial sketch along with some work-in-progress updates.

Also, if you’re still looking for a thematically-fitting visual novel to spend your day with (or know someone who is), don’t forget that SHINRAI is on sale until November 1, 10:00 am PST!

But yeah, outside of that, there’s not much else to say but: Happy Halloween!
We hope you’ll be having an enjoyable yet spooky day!

(And beware of ahoge-pulling ghosts!)

Oct 28

Weekly Update #167: October Wrap-Up

So, are you ready for Halloween? We’re almost there now! I hope you’ve been able to enjoy a spooky October so far.
I wish I would’ve had the time to enjoy it a little more myself, but there were lots of things to take care of. However, I’m definitely set for the 31st and am planning to thoroughly enjoy it. Hopefully, the same is true for you!

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Oct 26

Halloween Sale 2017

Halloween is just around the corner. Only a couple more days to go!
If you’re still looking for something to get you into the right mood, then head over to Steam! The annual Halloween Sale has finally started and our murder mystery SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair is once again a part of it!

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Oct 21

Weekly Update #166: The Chief

A little while ago, I posted a WIP-preview of a new character sprite for GENBA no Kizuna on our Patreon page.
Since Natsu finished coloring it just the other day, I thought I might as well share it publicly now and talk a little bit about this guy today. So yeah… Meet yet another member of the police force: the seasoned detective Nobuhiko!

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Oct 15

Weekly Update # 165: Planning The Finale

So, another week has passed and we’re almost halfway to Halloween now. With that in mind, I have finally begun work on this year’s Halloween pic featuring the two characters our patrons have voted for. If you’re supporting us on Patreon, you can expect some WIP-glimpses of it showing up there soon!

(Also, patrons can now vote for what Natsu will be drawing in November. As of the moment I’m typing this, the two most popular choices are stuck at 50% each, so this might be your chance to end the stalemate!)

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Oct 08

Weekly Update #164: Art Polls & Background Progress

Alrighty, I won’t be spending too much time on this again, but before we get to anything else, let me once again direct you to our newly launched Patreon page. If you haven’t already, please consider checking it out!

Right now, you can find two Patreon-only postings there containing artwork and information about two new characters from our next visual novel project GENBA no Kizuna (neither of them has been revealed publicly yet and one of them definitely won’t be this year).

Furthermore, if you’re a patron, you might also want to keep an eye out for our next art poll. It will go up some time tomorrow and run until the end of the month, giving you a chance to decide which character will be featured in the November artwork!

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Oct 01

Weekly Update #163: Getting A New Composer

So, first of all, I’d like to direct your attention once again towards our Patreon page, which we have launched just recently.
If you haven’t checked it out already, please consider doing so! It would be greatly appreciated!

I said a few more words about it in last week’s blog post, but the main reason we have decided to do this (aside from the fact that we hope to eventually increase the size of our team as well as the quality of our projects), is to hire a new composer for future titles.

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