Apr 17

Weekly Update #348: Back To The Script

Yep, that’s right, this week has been fully dedicated to script work again! I didn’t even have much of a choice, since last Saturday, just a couple hours after posting the update, my pc monitor actually died on me, so… until I have a new one (which should be on its way), I can’t really do any art-related work, as all of that is tied to my desktop pc.

Definitely a rather frustrating (and costly) incident, but welp… at least I made some more progress with the script!

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Apr 10

Weekly Update #347: Evidence Art

So, this week, I’ve mostly dedicated to art again, specifically evidence-related artwork that will be featured in DPA entries.
I actually have a little WIP-preview to share, so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about: 

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Apr 03

Weekly Update #346: Quick Progress Update

After my little writing break, I’ve returned to the script this week and thankfully had a much better time working on it. Progress is still slow, but it’s steady and I’m feeling much better about the script now, thanks to some of the recent stylistic changes I’ve made.

I don’t want to go into detail about this just yet (I’m kinda short on time again, anyway “orz), but I’ll talk about these changes and the reasoning behind them in one of the next few blog posts. For now, let me just state that GENBA will ultimately contain proper narration segments after all, although they are certainly more limited compared to what you’ve read in SHINRAI.

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Mar 27

Weekly Update #345: Art Asset Progress

So, this week, I’ve decided to take a little break from writing and instead focused purely on asset work, mostly taking care of a few easier tasks. Among those was, for instance, the creation of some new, relatively simplistic backgrounds, in order to offer a little more visual variety. You know, just so you won’t have to see the same background all throughout lengthy discussion scenes.

When I say “simplistic”, though, I really mean it. These didn’t take me long to make, as you can probably tell from this example:

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Mar 20

Weekly Update #344: Sprite & CG Progress

As you can see, Natsu has finished coloring some more new sprite variations! Among those are also the base sprites for our two mystery witness characters! That now only leaves our victim who I have continued working on during the last few days. Outside of a few details (he’s still missing his wristwatch and some stripes and wrinkles on his jacket), he’s almost ready to be colored as well!

I was mostly busy with script work again, otherwise, he might already be done, but I should definitely be able to finally post a preview on Patreon by Wednesday. In the meantime, I have published the finished version of our “butt CG” over there, so if you’re a patron and would like to know what that’s all about, you can check it out here!

Now, I’m once again short on time, unfortunately, as I’ve lost track of it while working, so I guess I’ll have to come to a close already.
I’m really sorry about the rushed updates, but at the very least, we have some visual progress to post again!

Anyway, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3

Mar 13

Weekly Update #343: Sprites, Script & Music

So, at long last, I finally have some visual progress to share again! As you can see above, Natsu has been very busy coloring the new sprite variations for Amber. There are actually a couple more ready, which I will be sharing on Patreon, so if you support us there, be sure to keep your eyes peeled! I might even be able to post the finished “butt” CG there soon as well, haha!

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Mar 06

Weekly Update #342: Quick Progress Update

Alright, today, we’re just going to do a shorter progress update again. I’m still spending most of my time writing the actual script, which won’t really change for at least the next two months, so there sadly isn’t much I can share with you at the moment.

I will hopefully have the sprite for our victim done soon, though. I got so into writing that I kinda pushed that aside again for a bit.

There is a new post available to patrons, though. It contains another new addition to GENBA‘s soundtrack, namely Himatsu‘s investigation theme, which now concludes the “investigation theme” series for the game. Since there’s been a lack of Patreon content recently, I’ve decided to open this one up for the 5$-tier too, rather than the usual 7$-tier. So, if you’re curious, you can download the whole track right here!

Now that that’s done, I’ll be making a new BGM sample video soon, which will include all the investigation themes. So even if you’re not a patron, you’ll be able to have a listen to them!

On the topic of music, we’re already working on the next track as well. With all the investigation stuff done, it’s time to tackle all the discussion related tracks, so I’m super excited to see how Solo will handle those!

Anyway, that more or less sums it up for this week, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3

Feb 27

Weekly Update #341: Writing The Visuals

Once again, my main focus has been on the writing this week and it’s been quite a rollercoaster of satisfying successes and frustrating roadblocks. Writing a visual novel sure isn’t easy, even if you’ve done it once before! So, today, I’d finally like to talk a little more about the challenges of writing one.

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Feb 20

Weekly Update #340: More Writing Progress!

Well, originally, I wanted to talk a bit about my writing process, buuut… since I made so much writing progress today, I’m left with not enough time to delve into such a lengthy topic, so I’m afraid we’ll have to postpone that for a bit!

Although I guess it’s a good excuse, yes?

Today was one of my most productive writing days in a while and, if I hadn’t been somewhat forced to quit, I’d actually still be writing now and you’d get an even shorter blog post much later, haha. But alas, my writing session had to come to a close and thus I’m here typing this instead.

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Feb 13

Weekly Update #339: Writing Progress

So, this second week of February was mostly dedicated to script work. I started out by working on Keiichi‘s investigation route and made quite a bit of progress on it. I did, however, run into some parts that gave me difficulties, mostly in regards to flow and tone.
I know exactly what I want to do here, or rather where the goal is, but I still need to find the best path to actually get there.

Since I got stuck, I decided to jump ahead and continue with Rei‘s investigation route, rather than potentially waste a couple of days desperately trying to find solutions that might eventually present themselves. And I think that was a pretty good move, as work on Rei‘s route went much smoother. I made a lot of progress and feel generally very satisfied with what I’ve written, even though it will definitely require a bit more polish. A full first draft might very well be done in a couple more days if I keep up the pace.

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