Oct 29

Halloween Sale 2020

Once again, the spooky season is upon us and along with it, the annual Halloween Sale! So here is another great opportunity to experience our little murder mystery visual novel the way it was meant to be: on the very day its story takes place!

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Oct 24

Weekly Update #323: Main Hall BG Update

In order to fully complete the first chapter of GENBA no Kizuna, not only do we need to work on the remaining scenes which were not included in our extended demo, we also need to adjust the content what was included in it. And one example of this is the main hall.

Above, you can see the now final version of it, but for comparison’s sake, I’ll also show you the old one:

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Oct 17

Weekly Update #322: Chapter I Progress

So, today, I will finally talk in detail about what’s currently left to do in order to fully complete the first chapter of GENBA no Kizuna.
And I guess the best way to start is to take a look at what’s already been completed!

As you may very well know, we’ve released a demo last year, containing the prologue and the majority of the first chapter, which introduces all the main players in this story: our investigation team and our circle of suspects. I’d say what you experience in the demo makes up about 70% of the first chapter.

Naturally, this means that its last 30% are not included and are thus what we’re currently working on.
This percentage number pertains to the script, however. In terms of the assets, it’s a bit harder to pin down an estimate…

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Oct 10

Weekly Update #321: Background Progress

Originally, I wanted to share the to-do list for the rest of GENBA no Kizuna‘s first chapter today and talk in detail about what exactly is still missing asset-wise to complete it. Since I’m once again kinda short on time, however, I’ll have to leave you with a short progress update instead, so apologies for that!

Over this past week, I’ve worked on a few different things: more script revisions, Amber‘s sprites, and the next background which will depict the second floor of the Kaseki residence’s main hall. Basically, what you can see on the upper half of this BG:

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on it and will share a preview on Patreon tomorrow, so if you support us there, keep an eye out!

Speaking of Patreon, the art poll for this month has concluded, so I’ll also begin working on the Halloween artwork soon.
But for now, I’m really into this BG art and want to focus some more on that first!

That about wraps it up for this week’s progress report. Next week, I will definitely get into the general to-do list, but until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, as always, take care :3

Oct 03

Weekly Update #320: Sprite Progress

Alright, so over the past seven days, I’ve been spending most of my gamedev time on asset work, specifically new sprite variations for Amber. The remainder of the first chapter will mostly focus on her and Keiichi, so while the other characters are still good until chapter 2, these two are in need of a few more expressions and poses. And since Keiichi already displayed a wide array of emotions throughout the story thus far, it’s really Amber that requires the most attention.

If you’re a patron, you can already check out previews for two of her new sprite variations here!

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Sep 26

Weekly Update #319: Quick Progress Update

Alright, since I’m kinda short on time, this will be just a very quick update.

I’m still working on the last few scenes for GENBA‘s first chapter, both script-wise and asset-wise. Although I originally wanted to just focus on the script and start on the assets in October, doing just writing all day long got kinda tiresome and so I decided to switch it up by already starting to work on a few new sprite variations for Amber.

I’m also preparing a few Patreon-related things, so if you’re supporting us there, look forward to new content being posted very soon!

As a matter of fact, I’ll be posting a new art poll tomorrow, since the spooky time of the year is about to start and I definitely want to do an artwork for Halloween! I also still have a few things to say about the recent anniversary update, and some stuff to share regarding SHINRAI‘s sequel, but I’ll elaborate on that in tomorrow’s Patreon update.

That’s more or less it. Sorry for the short post, but gotta get back to work now!
Please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3

Sep 19

Weekly Update #318: GENBA Writing Progress & SHINRAI Timeline

This past week, I’ve been mainly focusing on the writing for scene 11, the first real investigation segment in GENBA no Kizuna.
Here Keiichi examines Ryuunosuke‘s room alongside Amber, in search of the little grump’s medication. Players will also be able to learn more about Ryuunosuke and his grandfather and uncover the first real clues towards solving the mystery death at the Kaseki residence. It still needs some work, but down below, you can find a preview of the intro scene for the investigation:

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Sep 12

Weekly Update #317: GENBA Continuation

Alright, with the SHINRAI anniversary update taken care of, I’m finally back to working on GENBA no Kizuna!
And the first step I took was to go through the demo again, which we’ve released last year, and not just once but multiple times.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last played it myself, so I wanted to properly refresh my memory and immerse myself in the story again, before I continue working on the rest of it. This was also a good chance to see for myself how things holds up, now that I’ve had quite a bit of distance to the project. And there are certainly some parts which I’d like to work on a bit more.

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Sep 05

Weekly Update #316: Final Fixes & Plans For September

Alrighty, first of all, here’s another little reminder that we have just released an update for SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair.
If you’re curious what exactly this update entails, you can read all about it here!

Unfortunately, with the release of this update, an issue regarding the Steam Achievements arose, preventing players from unlocking them. The issue has since been fixed, however, so if you haven’t seen it yet, there is another small update available on Steam now. After downloading it, everything will work again as intended and you can unlock the achievements during a new playthrough!

Using Skip Mode (Ctrl) and one of the Achievement Guides, it should take you no time at all to get all fifteen of them.

Still, if you have been affected by this issue and completed the game (partly or even entirely) without unlocking a single achievement, we sincerely apologize for the trouble and inconvenience!

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Aug 29

Weekly Update #315: Post-Update Notes & Plans For The Remainder Of 2020

If you haven’t caught the news yet, we’ve just released an update for SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair in celebration of its 4th anniversary! If you’re curious about what exactly has changed, you can read all about the additions and changes to the game here.

Today, I’d like to say a few more words about the update, our new projects and our plans for the rest of 2020!

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