Dec 23

Weekly Update #490: Merry Christmas!

Today, we’re just gonna have a super quick post again, since I’m currently very busy with a lot of things, given that Christmas is right around the corner now! Next Saturday, however, we’ll make up for that with a much longer post in the shape our annual retrospect.
As always, I will take a look back at the year and summarize what we’ve accomplished and what didn’t go quite according to plan, before we talk about our aims and goals for 2024. So, if you’re interested in hearing about all that stuff, keep your eyes peeled! Patrons can also expect a more personal post again, addressing a few extra things I usually don’t like to talk about publicly.

Now, in terms of update news, there isn’t much to share anyway. I’ve primarily been working on art assets this past week, while also polishing the script some more. We have one more week to go before 2023 comes to a close and my main objective is to finish up the last bigger remaining sprite assets, DPA illustrations and fill in the last few script gaps.

But yeah, I will delve much deeper into all that next week!

Sadly, I didn’t have the time to draw a new Christmas illustration this year, since I’ve just been focusing on actual game assets, so I won’t be making an extra post tomorrow as I usually do. Therefore, I’m already gonna wish you a very merry Christmas right now! Both Natsu and I hope that you’ll have some cozy and stress-free Holidays and that you’ll be able to spend the last bit of the year in fun and good health! Until next Saturday, take good care! :3