Aug 07

Mystery Gamedev Community

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a little something we’ve been building up behind the scenes with a number of fellow mystery devs:
An entire little community that aims at mystery developers coming together to help and support each other in their endeavors!
But that’s not all! Despite the name, we’re not open solely to developers of mystery games, but also to their enjoyers!

So even if you’re not working on your own mystery project, you can still join and connect with us! The only requirement is that you like mysteries! And we’re talking about all kinds of mysteries here, from escape rooms to detective games! Which naturally also includes every imaginable genre combination! Your ideal type of mystery is the sort that also includes romance options? Or maybe you’re more into the creepy horror stuff? With the varied number of devs that have already joined, we’ve got something to offer to everyone!

So come join us too in order to share and hear about the latest mystery game news, find entirely new mystery experiences you might have never heard of before, get help and advice from fellow devs or, you know… just talk about mystery stuff in general!

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, just drop by our Discord server to take a peek for yourself or learn a little more here!
We’ll be happy to hear from you :3