Jul 30

Weekly Update #415: Plans For August

So, July’s coming to a close and a new month is about to begin. As such, it’s time to think about our plans and goals again, so let’s have a look at what’s gonna happen throughout August!

Since it’s the anniversary month of SHINRAI, I’m currently working on a little artwork for the occasion. Although you will only get to see that one on the 26th, we’ll probably have the beachwear artworks of Himatsu and Rei done and posted before it. “Probably” because, after a good number of delays, our main priority is still going to be GENBA‘s third chapter. Both Natsu and myself have been going through some rough and busy times, but we really really want to finally get it done and out to patrons for beta-testing!

Since it’s mostly coding work, however, that will be primarily Natsu‘s task. I’m currently finishing up the script for the first part of chapter 4 and, although we will not include it in the next demo, I’d like for it to be playable by the end of the month as well, so I will do some more asset work and, once that is taken care of, move on to writing the next part of the chapter.

So yeah, August is definitely going to be a very busy month again, but hopefully the private life side of things will finally be a little… less tumultuous. I’ll also be off from my day job again for the last third of August and the beginning of September and although I’ll be going on a short three day trip (if all goes well), I want to dedicate most of that free time to GENBA, naturally.

With that in mind, I’m gonna get right back to work, so… please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3