Apr 30

Weekly Update #402: Coding Preparations

As you can tell from the title, this week, I’ve mostly focused on getting things ready so that Natsu can return to coding duties and finally get the next part of the game playable! I’m currently still revising and double-checking things, but tomorrow, I’d like to send her everything necessary for coding the first social phase along with the actual intro to the third chapter.

Once again, I’ve been struggling with my perfectionism and it’s difficult for me to feel satisfied with anything I’m writing these days, but at some point, I gotta move on and tackle the next part of the story. It’s already taking much longer again than planned, which is quite frustrating. That said, there are a bunch of moments in here which I am very proud of and which I am excited to see play out in actual game format!

Starting from Monday, I will then continue getting the next part ready for coding for the following weekend. That one is mostly finished as well and only needs some more fine-tuning script-wise, so hopefully, I won’t get stuck on it again for long, haha…

Anyway, there honestly isn’t much more to say than that, so I guess we’ll leave it at a pretty quick update this time.
Gotta head back to work, anyway, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3