Jan 15

Weekly Update #387: Himatsu Route Progress

As you can tell by the title, I’ve dedicated myself to Himatsu‘s route this week, primarily working on the optional investigation stuff.
I’ve made some very good script progress and even shared a little sneak peek on Twitter yesterday, in case you haven’t seen it.

Art-wise, I have also finished her new sprite variations, so that they can be handed over to Natsu for coloring now.
If you’re a patron, you can also check out some previews right here.

Now, speaking of Natsu, she has also been very diligent and finished coloring a whole bunch of sprites for Keiichi, our victim and the members of Raptor Pack Productions. Next up, she’ll take care of the witnesses and the CG art and then, she can finally start coding Keiichi‘s route, so I’m pretty excited about that, as I can’t wait to actually play it, haha!

I have also worked on some other sprites related to Himatsu‘s route this week, including new variations for Terano and Ryuu, some of which I will likely share on Patreon as well. Sprite-wise that means we’re almost done now. I guess by next Saturday, all the new variations needed for the entirety of chapter 2 will be done.

I guess that about wraps up our quick progress update, but I do have one more thing to share. Our New Year’s artwork!

As always, it’s been added to our gallery and patrons can download a hi-res version, as well as the usual transparent version (no BG or text, just the character) here. It took a little bit, but with this, we want to once again wish you a Happy New Year!

Now, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3