Aug 21

Weekly Update #366: Final Preparations

We’re less than a week away now from SHINRAI‘s 5th anniversary, so we’re currently entering overdrive mode to get everything ready in time. As such, I’ve spent most of the day beta-testing GENBA, trying to catch whatever little typos and mistakes might still be hiding within it. Thankfully, I’ve barely stumbled across anything thus far, but I also still have quite a bit of content left to go through.

As a matter of fact, Natsu is currently still busy coding the last few scenes, so I won’t even be able to check those until she’s done.
That’s why I’m mostly focusing on the content of the already released extended demo. While the entire first chapter will be available to patrons only, we’re still going to finally update our public demo, which underwent quite a few tweaks since its original release.

Of course, I will talk about all of this in detail on the 26th, so for today, we’re going to keep this post a bit shorter again!

There isn’t too much else I can get into, anyway. I have continued work on the second chapter and our little side venture as well, but the former is a bit too spoilery to talk about and the latter will be publicly unveiled very soon, so yeah…!

My part on the artwork that will go along with that announcement has been finished, too, so if you’re a patron, you can already check out a preview of it right here!

That about wraps things up for today. Again, I will make an anniversary post on the 26th, so please look forward to more info then!
But for now, I’m gonna get back to work, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until Thursday, take care! :3