Aug 14

Weekly Update #365: Another Quick Progress Update

With SHINRAI‘s 5th anniversary drawing closer, I’ve started work on a special little illustration this week. If you’re a member of our Discord Server, you can already catch a first glimpse of it in the “shinrai_bbd” channel! I’ve made some pretty good progress on it, so a proper Patreon preview will follow shortly!

This illustration is gonna go along with the “public announcement” I’d like to make, which I’ve been teasing for a while now. Work on the little side venture has continued as well and although there’s one last hurdle to overcome, we’ve almost made it to the finish line! We’re really just in a “wait for final approval” phase now.

As for GENBA, Natsu‘s finished coloring the new sprite variations for Rei, so I whipped up another zip package for her, containing everything to code the next scene. Now I just gotta wait for her to finish up the “dead body” CG, and I can send her the remaining two scenes as well.

By next weekend, everything should finally be done, so that we can spend the days leading up to the actual anniversary with beta-testing and release the entire first chapter in it’s fully playable state to patrons!

Anyway, that’s all for the moment, so while I’m gonna get back to work now, I hope that you’ll enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Until next Saturday, take care :3