Jun 12

Weekly Update #356: GENBA Chapter I Continuation

Aside from the fact that Natsu still has to implement the changes for our extended GENBA demo (which you can read in detail about here and here), the update marathon is finally over. At the very least, my part in it is, meaning that I can finally get back to actually continuing the events of the demo. So let’s talk a little bit about what that actually means and entails:

First of all, there’s the 4th Wall breaking demo ending which needs to be replaced with the actual ending for scene 08. That, of course, is the quickest and easiest part in all of this. Afterwards, we finally get to some actual new content. All the assets and the script for scenes 09 and 10 are done, so I just need to look over them one more time before I can send them off to Natsu as well.

Then there’s “scene 11” which definitely takes the most amount of effort, as it is an investigation segment with tons of dialogues and commentary that pops up while you examine Ryuunosuke‘s room. This will be my main focus for the week, as I’d really like to release a demo of this part to patrons and a little preview video for everyone else during Jurassic June.

Afterwards, we have scenes 12, 13 and 14. A couple assets are currently still WIP and the script in need of revision, but I’d say all three of them together are 80% done. This would cap off the entire first chapter.

Next month, I’d really like to get into chapter 2 (which is also kinda 60 – 70% done), so I really need to step things up a bit now.

Which is why I’ll get back to work right away! Kind of a short post this time (sorry), but we did have two pretty lengthy ones recently!
Also, if you’re a patron, keep an eye out for some new stuff there very soon, as Natsu is currently finishing up the coloring for some of the new character sprites!

Now, as always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3