Feb 20

Weekly Update #340: More Writing Progress!

Well, originally, I wanted to talk a bit about my writing process, buuut… since I made so much writing progress today, I’m left with not enough time to delve into such a lengthy topic, so I’m afraid we’ll have to postpone that for a bit!

Although I guess it’s a good excuse, yes?

Today was one of my most productive writing days in a while and, if I hadn’t been somewhat forced to quit, I’d actually still be writing now and you’d get an even shorter blog post much later, haha. But alas, my writing session had to come to a close and thus I’m here typing this instead.

I basically finished the entire interview segment for Himatsu‘s route in one go, turning my outline of ~600 words into an actual script of ~3600 words in length! To be fair, that does also include coding instructions for Natsu, since I didn’t wanna delete all of them out to get a proper word count for the actual script. Nevertheless, I wrote a lot and not only that, I’m extremely satisfied with it as well!

Naturally, it will need to go through some revisions, but I guess only the fixing of some typos and sentence structures is in order. Because content- and flow-wise, it’s turned out perfectly in my opinion.

Really wish every writing session could go like this. I actually had kind of a really bad one yesterday, so this definitely got my spirits up again. Overall, chapter 2 is getting pretty lengthy now, currently sitting at ~26,000 words!

Can’t wait to see what the final word count for it will be!

Anyway, I did spend most of my week writing in general, but I also continued working on the base sprite for our victim. Originally, I wanted to get that done by today, but well… progress is still progress! And progress on the script is actually a bit more important right now anyway, so probably better like this!

That about wraps it up. Gotta take care of a few other things now, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3