Feb 22

Weekly Update #288: Outline Progress & SHINRAI OST Update

Alright, today’s gonna be another very quick progress update. I am still continuing my work on the outline for the remaining GENBA chapters, currently structuring the discussion phase in the third one. Here, Keiichi and the others confront Raptor Pack Productions with some of their findings during the initial investigation phase (chapter 2). This chapter works similar to the final one in SHINRAI and mostly revolves around establishing theories and backing them up with evidence and facts.

Just as it was the case with SHINRAI, this is a rather complex task, however. There are many aspects to cover and many ways how the discussion could unfold, so I’m trying to find the most natural/logical but also exciting one, while still covering all the topics I need/want to. I will probably elaborate on this a bit more in a future blog post.

In any case, both chapters 2 and 3 are slowly taking proper shape. It’s a constant back and forth between them, as the investigation findings and discussion topics are heavily reliant on each other. I wish I could have made more progress by now, but I also want to make sure that I’ll come up with the best results possible and that takes time.

Outside of that, there really isn’t anything else to report. I do have some others news, though!

Some of you might have already seen it on Twitter or Discord, but Steam recently made some changes to the way soundtracks are sold. Previously, they could only be offered as DLC, meaning that you had to not only buy the actual game, but also needed to install it, if you wanted to listen to its music. Now, however, soundtracks can be offered as just that: actual soundtracks. As such, I have changed the way SHINRAI‘s soundtrack is being distributed on Steam. In other words, you can now buy it without the need of owning the actual game!

If you have already bought the OST, you will automatically own this newly categorized version, giving you much easier access to it.
You can check out the soundtracks store page here.

That more or less wraps it up for today, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3