Jun 08

Weekly Update #251: Timeline, Sprite & Gallery Updates

Alrighty, we’re now one week into Jurassic June and I’m more fired up than usual to make some progress! So what have I been working on over the last seven days? For the most part, I’ve started to focus on sprite art again! All of Ryuunosuke‘s sprite variations are now officially done and if you’re a patron, you can get a look at one of them here.

I had actually posted this one before, but made some changes to it, so it’s actually more of an update of a previous preview. But it’s the final update, so I can move on to the next character: Shiku! Although I still need to touch up Amber‘s sprites a tiny bit, Shiku is the only one left now with no variations at all. Therefore, I’ll be mainly focusing on her next.

The end of all this asset work is finally drawing near…!

So, what else is there left to do, you might be wondering… Well, sound effects still need to be edited, mixed and finalized, which is something I’ll do together with Solo, our composer. The DPA profiles and entries also still need to be finished up. I guess I have them 70% done. I was actually working on those as well over the last few days. Which leads me to something else.

The DPA entries talk a lot about the past of the individual characters. If you have played our current demo, you might have seen them mention when Nobuhiko became a police officer and stuff like that. I actually have an entire timeline document, that lists all these sorts of things: when a character was born, when they started to attend school, when they finished school, began university, got a job, and so on and so forth. Even “turning point” events that are important to the story.

These may be events that players don’t really need to know many (or any) details about, but they are important for me as a writer, in order to portray a realistic passage of time. And of course, it’s kinda handy to have this sort of document, since I can quickly double-heck dates with it, and make sure that I’m not throwing around contradicting numbers in the game.

There you have a little glimpse of what this actually looks like. “Spoilery” entries have, of course, been removed. Both in regards to GENBA and SHINRAI. If you’re a patron, however, you can learn what lies beyond September 12, as well as a bunch of more info about the timline, in this new special blog post I have published earlier today!

Anyway, I’ll try to finish all the DPA stuff as soon as possible. Natsu has also gotten around to a bit of coding work again, so patrons won’t have to wait too much longer until they can finally playtest our extended demo before it goes public!

Now, in other news, I have updated our gallery once again! Links have been refreshed and three new pieces of art have been added, all done by Rune! Of course, I’ll just have to share these here as well:

(Aren’t they simply amazing? w Now I kinda want to do an official dabbing sprite for Shinketsu to be featured in the actual game…)

Well, that about wraps it up for today, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3