May 23

Weekly Update #301: Quick Progress Update!

Just a very quick update today, as I’m running out of time! I spent all day to get the first third of GENBA no Kizuna‘s 4th chapter ready for Natsu to beta-read. And I literally just finished, haha. I’ve made some adjustments and cleaned up the dialogues a lot and feel a lot better about it now. So I hope she will enjoy it…

As mentioned before a couple of times, chapter 4 is turning out to become quite long, which is why it makes more sense to me to send it to Natsu in parts, so I can get her feedback sooner. Overall, I’m really just trying to find the best way to tie it all together at the end now. I hit quite some roadblocks which caused a few headaches, but hopefully, I’ll get to a satisfying result soon. I’m really this close to the finish line now!

Anyway, there is one other thing I did today. I’ve posted a new Patreon poll, so our patrons can now help us decide which SHINRAI character will be featured in swimwear this year!

That about wraps it up, though. Sorry for the short post, but since I’m still focused on writing every day, there really isn’t much else to report! Maybe next week, though, as we get closer to Jurassic June!

Until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, as always, take care! :3