May 16

Weekly Update #300: More Writing Progress!

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, we currently have some things going on behind the scenes, which I can’t really talk about nor do I really want to at this point. I’ve decided to share at least a little bit of information with patrons, however, so if you’re curious, you can check out this newest Patreon post. I will be able to share more details publicly soon, most likely during Jurassic June which is fast approaching. So please keep an eye out and look forward to that!

For now, however, I’ll unfortunately have to remain a little secretive. That said, if you do have feedback and suggestions as to how SHINRAI could be improved, now is the perfect time to let me know (or maybe even give me a little reminder)! *wink wink*

Now, as for actual update news, I have finally received Natsu‘s full feedback regarding the third chapter of GENBA no Kizuna and, so far, I’m still happy with her impressions. I guess the first three chapters of the story work just as intended. Now we’re getting to the truly crucial part, however. Setting up a mystery is one thing, but unraveling it is another. The greatest mysteries can still be a total letdown, if the answers don’t turn out to be satisfying or are even infuriating. That’s why I’ve been hard at work on the final chapters and can’t wait to get feedback on those, too.

As a result, chapter 4 has grown quite a bit again, now sitting at 30,000+ words, making it even longer than SHINRAI‘s 4th chapter (~25,000 words)! I’m getting close to the end now too, although I still have to revise a few things and double-check everything for consistency. Nevertheless, the last two chapters should be ready for the feedback loop soon!

Outside of that, there isn’t much I can unveil yet, so I’m afraid it’s already time to wrap this up. I would have loved to have a special announcement ready for our 300th weekly blog post, but… it’s sadly still a little too soon.

Now, last but not least, I can’t help but mention that May 15 marks Dinosaur Day, so hopefully, you’ve had a prehistoric time!

As always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3