Nov 02

Weekly Update #272: Writing Progress

Alright, just a very quick update today, since I’m not left with that much time!

As mentioned during the last few blog posts, I want to focus on finishing up GENBA no Kizuna‘s script over the next few months, so naturally, I have spent quite a lot of time writing during this past week. My original plan was to finish scene 12 and post the full thing on Patreon, as well as a little preview here. Unfortunately, I unexpectedly had way more trouble with it than I thought I would, meaning that it’s still not done “orz

In general, I was in kind of a writing slump this week. Nevertheless, I at least managed to make some progress on scene 13, which is actually the final scene of the first chapter. It’s halfway done and a preview available to patrons right here.

I felt kinda bad for not being able to finish scene 12 as I promised last week and wanted to publish at least something today. So, this morning, I sat down and simply began working on scene 13. I’m actually pretty satisfied with the progress I’ve made in just one day, especially compared to the struggle that is scene 12…

Anyway, even with scene 12, I’m slowly getting to a point where I feel a little more confident about it, but I guess I’ll need some more time to get it done completely.

I’d like to talk about the issues I’ve been facing in detail, but as mentioned above, I’m running out of time and this is a bigger topic, so I’ll probably tell you once the scene is actually done. Not sure that’s going to be next week though, because even if I couldn’t fully finish up chapter 1 by the end of October, I still want to stick to my original November plans and continue with chapter 2. Before I will get around to proper writing, however, I will need to make an exact roadmap of how the chapter is supposed to unfold.

Of course, I have very detailed documents with all of my GENBA notes and plans, but it’s time to plan out the exact order of scenes and events. I will continue working on the background art for Ryuunosuke‘s room on the side. Actually, I’ve made some progress on that as well this week, but not enough to warrant an update post on Patreon. Soon, though!

Anyway, guess that’s about it, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3