Jan 20

Weekly Update #179: Patreon Demo Release

Another week has flown by, or so it feels.
It was certainly a very productive week for us, however, as we managed to get quite a few things done!

First of all, I have now finished the writing for Withering Without Hope’s prologue! The second half of it (which patrons can now check out here) gave me quite a few headaches. I kept rewriting some of the passages many, many times, cut them out, put them back in, all just to cut them out again, haha. The usual troubles when you’re plagued by perfectionism “orz

However, I’m happy to say that it’s now written to my satisfaction. From here on out, I will only make very minor revisions. Swapping out a word or two, phrasing things a little differently or, at most, change the structure of a sentence. But generally, when it comes to the content itself, the prologue is done now.

Well, for the most part. The first interactive section of the game, where you can click around and examine things, is actually still part of the prologue. Most of it has already been written, though. It’s really just a question of a few more revisions until I’m really satisfied with it. I will take care of that over the next few days and then get back to the first chapter, which I have already written quite a bit for (I’ve been itching to finally continue from where I left off!).

Now, as for GENBA no Kizuna, I have finally finished all the expressions for our dino mascots Kira and Toru.
It’s a little more complicated with these two than with our little bat in SHINRAI, but that will be a topic for another time.

I have also continued with the writing for GENBA’s first interactive gameplay segment. It’s basically all written now, just needs a few more revisions and proofreading, similar to WWH. Once that is done, we can finally add that section to our demo as well.

Speaking of our demo… I have now uploaded a WIP version of it to Patreon, so patrons can get a first, early look at our new VN in action! It’s pretty short, a few things have not been implemented yet, and there are still a couple of issues in there, but… the whole point of Patreon was to share more WIP stuff and to not only give supporters a closer look at the development process, but to actively involve them in it.

Another demo version will be uploaded once the gameplay section has been completed, which will be our goal for this coming week. Afterwards, we will focus on polishing the whole thing and getting it ready for a public release in February.

So yeah, I’m pretty satisfied with the things we’ve managed to accomplish so far and, even if it’s just a short demo, it still feels good to release something again after such a long time, haha.

As always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3