Jan 01

Happy New Year!

Unless you’re supporting us via Patreon, you’re probably wondering right now… who exactly is that white-haired young man? It’s certainly not Hiro because his hair is too spiky, his eyes different and, of course, Hiro would never blush or hide his handsome face!

Well, you’ve probably already noticed the logo in the top left corner and yes: it’s not a character from SHINRAI.
For the first time, one of our seasonal artworks features a character from GENBA no Kizuna, our new upcoming murder mystery!

His name is Ryuunosuke Hazama and he’s one of the four suspect characters you will meet in the game.
Although there, he will look a little more like this:

His clothes are based on old-school Jurassic Park action figures from the 90s by Kenner (more specifically from The Lost World).

As for his name, it originates from the Japanese word for “dinosaur”: kyouryuu (恐竜). I simply cut it in half and attached -nosuke (之介), an old-fashioned way to end a boy’s name, to “ryuu” (which by itself translates to “dragon”). I decided to use the other kanji variant (龍) for it, however, as I think it looks cooler.

As for “kyou”, I looked up kanji with the same reading, that would carry an interesting meaning, and eventually stumbled upon 峡 (ravine, valley), which can also be read as “hazama”. I thought it worked very well for a family name, so I stuck with it.

That’s all I’m going to tell you, however. I’ll make a proper character introduction post once his first actual in-game sprite is done.
(By the way, if you’re a patron, you can already check out two of the other suspects with the last one following very soon!)

I’m actually glad patrons decided to vote for Ryuu to be featured in this artwork because, as mentioned in our most recent blog post, 2018 will kind of be GENBA’s year. So it’s only fitting for it to start with an artwork of one of its characters, isn’t it?

Anyway, with this, we once again wish you a Happy New Year and hope that it will be a great and successful one for you!
(And so do Ryuu and his little puppies, of course!)